dirk definitely has an okcupid profile as a fake girl who loves my little pony and men’s rights and several of the profile fields are just long dissertations on objectivist philosophy and its application to the magical girl mythos

the account name is twilight_anarchocapitalism and the profile pic is jane posing cutely with his pillow-sized rainbow dash plush

he mostly just surgically satirizes the misogynist dudebros he’s flirting with on the topics of anime and philosophy and equestria while baiting them into progressively more extreme and absurd parodies of their own opinions until it reaches a culmination of fucking shithouse ridiculous

when they ask for pics he sends them carefully cropped shots of sweet, peach-foam smuppet ass in a bra

a true prince of heart

Karen Gillan and Lee Pace at the Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere

#karen gillan cosplays rose lalonde at the guardians of the galaxy opening
This tag needs to be preserved for posterity :|

Karen Gillan and Lee Pace at the Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere

This tag needs to be preserved for posterity :|

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Anonymous said: rounding out the strilonde quartet: roxy?


roxy’s typing style is really, really difficult to get right. like ofc one thing that people forget is that she only really does the typo thing when she’s drunk, so if you’re writing her with lots of typos, she is drunk. otherwise she sounds a lot more like dave. like dave, she tends to chase down and exhaust every stray thought she has. she’s a little more sexually suggestive than dave. she uses chatspeak but inconsistently? so often i end up going back and adding in chatspeak strategically to make the whole thing sound more roxy-like. i prefer writing sober roxy if only because the typos are actually pretty difficult to figure out. like a lot of the time in canon they’re actually pretty clever so when i do write drunk roxy i have to put a lot of thought into it.

roxy’s complicated because she’s basically ruled by two conflicting desires: to put her friends first, and to get what she wants. roxy would really like to be selfless and accommodating in everything, but she’s very emotional and she can’t really reign it in so she ends up trying to manipulate people to get what she wants. i think of her as dirk lite? except that dirk’s manipulation is very deliberate and i think roxy explains away her manipulation to herself as being in everyone’s best interests. so like the key example is her blowing up jane’s computer to try and get her to not play sburb, and then when she confessed about it, guilt-tripping jane into thinking that she was being a bad friend by not just listening to roxy in the first place. roxy doesn’t want to play sburb so she comes up with a way not to play, and then when she changes her mind, she twists the story so that she’s not at fault. that’s very classic roxy.

she’s in love with dirk and knows he doesn’t feel the same, but she WANTS him to, so she keeps pressing him even though logically she knows it won’t do anything. she likes jake but she wants to be a good friend so she tells herself she’s putting jane first by pressuring jane to confess to jake, when really that’s something jane’s not comfortable with. she wants to be a good friend but she can’t help putting her own desires first. and the alcohol clearly exacerbates that.

that’s why her friendship with calliope is my favorite, because she doesn’t want anything from calliope. so she’s actually an amazing friend to calliope, really validating and supportive and sweet. that’s like the best version of roxy.


Dominance Behavior in Canids

I didn’t really even WANT to make a post about this.

The alpha-beta-omega model of wolf packs is dead in scientific literature, hammered into the ground, so to speak, and it’s been dead for over ten years. So why am I still hearing about it on TV and reading about it in articles? Why are popular dog trainers that encourage you to “be the alpha” still taken seriously?

I think the unfortunate truth is that the idea that there are strong and ferocious leaders in wolf packs and that you, too, can take on that role with your dog is just somehow appealing to people. Almost romantic, in the older sense of the word. And because of this, it makes money. It sells werewolf media. It sells dog training classes. Educational science channels that have no business promoting this false ideology keep it on board because it gets people watching.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty fed up with the whole thing.

Okay, let’s talk about dominance, particularly what the word even means, because popular media does a terrible job of explaining it.

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Vriska, can you not ask this shit right before bed?

this is my favorite thing



Vriska, can you not ask this shit right before bed?

this is my favorite thing



Yes, of course I’ve heard what the superstitious locals say: “Stay out of the mountains! There’s no shelter on those harsh peaks, and every last combe and glen is infested with killer spiders!”. They say there’s no way to safely cross that mountain range - anyone trying to rest high up on the peaks will die of exposure, lashed by cruel icy winds. Better that, though, than to risk seeking shelter in the forested vales.

The Crawling Death, they call it. Great glossy black eight-legged fiends, some small enough to creep between the rings of your maille, some large as a splayed hand and quick as a cat, and some - so they say - the size of dogs. Or swine. Or cart-horses. The tales have been exaggerated in the telling, of course, since hardly anyone dares venture far into the gullies and ravines that lace between the majestic peaks (most certainly not at night, when the Crawling Death make their appearance, silent as a shadow).

Even if they’re not quite as large as people say, they’re certainly no less deadly. The king’s physicians, who had the unenviable task of tending to the survivors of the last failed expedition, wrote down in stomach-turning detail the precise symptoms of that merciless venom. Erupting blisters the size of a hen’s egg. Flesh blackening, rotting, and sloughing away from the bone. Sweating, drooling, trembling, nausea, vomiting, ranting and raving and spasming like a creature possessed until death seems like a mercy. Others were gripped with a pain unmatched by any wound of war, paired (curiously) with an erection hard as any standing stone.

And yet, in spite of all this, I’m planning an expedition into the mountains. It’s true, I haven’t the equipment with me to safely shelter from the bitter cold above the tree-line, out of the reach of skittering legs and poison-slick fangs. I have no blessing from the gods, and no miracle of alchemy intended to keep the Crawling Death at bay. What I do have, though, is a map. A map from a past age, a more enlightened age, where the cartographers had a decent understanding of the sciences, rather than the encyclopaedic knowledge of rumour and superstition that seems to be the requirement for a mapmaker these days. And from this map - and the journals that I found with it - I have deduced one particularly salient fact, that I am convinced will allow me to make the journey through the supposedly arachnid-infested ravines in perfect safety.

The superstitious peasants might say every last one of those valleys is crawling with deadly poisonous creatures, but in fact, most of them are utterly empty and safe! However, my map has revealed the source of this rumour: Spiders Gorge, which contains over ten thousand spiders, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

i feel you deserve some sort of prize for this


made a kitty roxy to go with it, so i’ll probably make bunny jane and bat rose too!

edit: added jane, just gotta do rose


my ass hurts but here it is


the most lame crossover/homestuck au

The brave heroine Nepeta and her beloved best moirail, the Prince Equius, will work together to repair the MAJESTIC BOW and save Alternia from the evil Bard Makara 

thats the legend of equius in a nutshell

also nepeta has the MASTER CLAWS hell yse


soon i will make the 8 sages and gamzee’s designs or whatever

Karkat | Aradia | Sollux | Gamzee

Anonymous said: Dirk Strider because if I don't ask for him, someone else surely will ;)


okay, well, first of all when writing dirk’s dialogue i always think about the balance between him being very terse and very wordy. like there are times when dirk will answer with one word and there are times when he’ll answer with a three-paragraph essay. this depends on the situation and how comfortable dirk is in it, like, he kind of retreats into short sarcastic comments when he’s less comfortable (like with jake) but he’ll go off on rambling tangents with jane because he’s more comfortable being himself with her. dirk often plays the straight man (in the character type sense…. not like…… yeah) with jake because jake is so ridiculous that dirk is often just doing the conversational version of (looks at camera like he’s on the office). but when dirk is doing most of the talking in a conversation, he loosens up and starts sounding completely ridiculous.

so that’s what i think about when i do pesterlogs. and with narration, i think the most important thing to get right for dirk is the balance between arrogance and self-loathing. like dirk hates himself but if you write him as self-hating it comes off wrong because he also thinks he’s the best. so sometimes even his self-loathing is a thing he exalts about himself, like, “i’m the MOST messed up and i hate myself WAY more than anyone else.” even when dirk thinks negative things about himself it’s kind of in a self-aggrandizing way.

and obviously the most important thing is just that dirk hates being out of control, so he can never give up an inch or back down in any way.

the other thing is that i often use AR as a way to voice thoughts that dirk wouldn’t let himself have. like if dirk is feeling mushy about jake he wouldn’t be like “ugh i love jake” but AR can be like “lol you looooooove him” and dirk can be like “shut the fuck up.” i usually think of AR as an externalized version of the voice in the back of your head that you don’t want to listen to.

mufalda said: Dave?


writing dave is really fun for me because dave is extremely unfiltered. so i basically just chase down every weird thought tangent i have. if i’m in the middle of writing a sentence from dave’s POV and it reminds me of a pop culture reference or something, i can just have dave think about that for like the next five lines.

actually when i was in creative writing courses in college someone once told me that my similes were “distracting,” so i deeply enjoy writing dave POV because i can write the most convoluted and ridiculous similes ever.

one of dave’s major character traits is that he’s really passive. he’ll always take the path of least resistance, unless he really hits a breaking point. (see: dave just ignoring the weird troll stuff he was uncomfortable with in his relationship with terezi until he hit a breaking point, which was quadrants, and then he just stepped out of the way instead of trying to assert himself over it.) he’s avoidant and uncomfortable with conflict. so if you put him in a conflict he’ll try to find the fastest way out of it without emotionally engaging at all.

that said, i think dave is a lot more well-adjusted than most people think, especially once he’s out from bro’s influence. he’s most definitely more well-adjusted than dirk, for example. dave generally understands people and knows how to relate to them pretty well. and he likes people and is a super extrovert. he’d probably rather hang out with gamzee than be alone for 24 hours.